maintenance Journal july 2008

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CONTENTS:  Volume 21;  No 3  -  JULY  2008 Issue Articles
Standard Operating Procedures for MRO Storerooms  Lean and Reliable Practices
Frank Murphy, Inventory Management Services Inc.   (USA)
Performance Benchmarking Update Expectations and Reality
Heinz P Bloch and Michael Hernu
How Management Can Help Workers Increase Projects Wrench-time
Edmund Lister, CPM Solutions Ltd,   (Canada)
A World Class Approach to Asset Management Part 1
Rohit Banerji,  TATA Consultancy Services,  (UK)
۲۰۰۸ Listing of Condition Monitoring Suppliers
Len Bradshaw     AMMJ
Management: Unsung Heroes. Can Maintenance Change The World?
Joel Levitt   (USA)
The Elusive Weekly Maintenance Schedule
John Reeve, Technology Associates International Corporation  (USA)
The Evolution of Maintenance
G. Anand, Rambabu Kodali, and Rajesh Prasad Mishra (India)
Downtime More Important Than Uptime
Ross Francis,     (Australia)
Maintenance News

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